Who Is It For?

The CEO Roadmap is for you if you're currently in a headspace...

  • "I don't know what I want."

    This course will help you get the necessary clarity on your right direction and confidence in yourself. You will unlock possibilities and hidden talents within you to maximise on your potential. The CEO Roadmap will help you break free from feeling stuck or confused, and confidently improve your life.

  • "I don't see a path forward."

    You've hit a plateau or have gone through a difficult time in your career or life. And you need a vision and a plan to pull yourself forward. You're ready to embark on a new journey and want to use The CEO Roadmap to make a confident leap into a fuller and more energised life.

  • "I don't know what to do."

    You have a big dream (personal or professional) that you want to bring to life, but you are overwhelmed with too many options, afraid to take the wrong decision, or not knowing where to start and what to do next. You want to reach your goal faster and remove internal blocks standing on your way to more happiness, confidence and harmony.

Satisfied Students From These Organisations


“The CEO Roadmap is great for people who are serious about going to the next level. It strips away the noise and makes you refocus and take action on what really makes you happy. ”

Maria L. Lawyer

“An amazing, easy to follow guide to help people uncover their purpose and direction in life. One of the most essential courses for anyone aspiring to a more meaningful life.”

Stevan E. Consultant

“This course brought clarity and focus to so many things I've been wrestling with in my life. I'm finally ready and confident about my next steps.”

Caroline B. Director Policy & Government Affairs

“I would recommend this course to anyone looking to make a change in their life or wants to achieve more.The strategies are solid and fill you with energy to do what you were born to do!”

Sandra K. Sales Manager

You'll Achieve

By the end of this program

  • Gained conviction in your right direction with concrete next steps (instead of spending yet another confused or trapped year in your life).

  • Mastered confidence and self-motivation to follow-through on your wildest dreams.

  • Taken your life to the next level of passion, achievement, and meaning.

  • Prioritized yourself and actions that REALLY make a difference.

  • Unlocked possibilities and hidden talents within you.

  • Removed internal blocks standing in your way to more happiness, confidence and harmony.

  • Believed you can create anything you want in life and are empowered to never settle for less than you are.

Because there is more to life and your happiness...

And you know it

While there are many more opportunities for growth than ever in human history, there are many more ways of wasting your time doing things that make you feel stuck, confused or frustrated.

At the end of the day, it’s not the unreasonable hours spent in the meetings or calls, and heroic efforts to create some sort of balance that will make your life fulfilling in a long-run.

You may have discovered that status and money don't guarantee a sense of direction and meaning to life. Because if they were, you wouldn't have to wrestle with thoughts like these: Where am I going?!” and “Is this even sustainable?!

I was there too

I felt the time was ticking away and my life wasn't where it should be...

  • After climbing the corporate ladder and working at the international public organisations in Brussels and in New York, I found myself disappointed and at the crossroad.

  • On the outside, I was looking successful with all that status, corporate paycheck, travelling for meetings across Europe and the US.

  • But on the inside, I was in a panic...there was something important missing.

You don't have to end this life with the most common regret people have:

"I wish I’d had a courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

I felt I was getting stuck on the wrong path

while losing touch with myself and my dreams...

  • Perspective of working long hours, performing repetitive tasks with no real meaning or impact until my retirement, felt limiting. 
  • I was fed-up with office politics and lack of transparent communication.
  • Stress and frustration caused by compromising on my values led me to...hitting a wall. 
  • I stopped sleeping and got depressed. 
  • I felt like I was dying inside... this is when I knew I had to do something about it and do it quickly.

I was no longer willing to 'settle' for that kind of life.

I wanted to pursue something bigger...something that gives me true joy and freedom.

Now, I'm living my CEO life

And I'll show you how to live yours!

Hi I'm Lena, talent coach and creative entrepreneur growing a successful education business, but just a few years ago I was feeling trapped. Everything has positively shifted from the moment, I decided to stop procrastinating on my dreams and compromising on my passions, my talents and my values. All these insights helped me realize my purpose in life which is to help people like you, tap into their natural talents to design a life they truly want to live, full of meaning, growth, and passion.

Because, there is nothing more expensive in the world...

than giving up on your potential, compromising on your well-being, and missing an opportunity to change your life for the better.

Imagine waking up every morning feeling optimistic, satisfied and energised

For your life and for the future!

By expressing who you truly are and aligning your decisions with your natural talents, values and dreams - you become an unstoppable force! You'll experience authentic freedom, purpose, happiness, growth and confidence. These give you a boost of energy at the end of each day to engage with people that you care about and your personal interests! I want you to experience that CEO life too - That's why I've taken all the learnings from my own journey and from guiding hundreds of others in private and in group experiences to create a game-changing solution for you.

But above all else, The CEO Roadmap will give you the confidence to finally make the leap to your happy, balanced and successful life.

This Is For You, If You Want To Expand Your Impact


  • Connect more authentically with people in your life.

  • Inspire and empower your friends and family members to go after their dreams.

  • Become a role model for your children.

  • Make money and make an impact in your local and global community.

  • Spend more time doing things you love with the people you love.

What's Inside This Online Course

Only Practical and Concrete Tools

  • 13 Guided Video Lessons

  • 9 Downloadable CEO Exercise Files

  • 9 Dos & Donts Files with best practices on how to approach each exercise

  • List of Powerful Growth Resources

  • Case Study for further inspiration

  • Q&A Discussion Board

  • + Bonus: 21 CEO Productivity Secrets To Follow-Through On Your Dreams

Course Curriculum

Proven Step-by-Step Formula to Your CEO Life

  • 1

    Welcome from Lena

    • Introduction to The CEO Roadmap

  • 2

    The CEO Roadmap Step-By-Step

    • Course Overview

  • 3

    What Fuels You in Life?

    • Lesson 1: Your Growth Flow

    • Your CEO Exercise #1

    • DOs & DONTs: Your Growth Flow

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 4

    What Are Your Super Powers?

    • Lesson 2: Your Growth Talents

    • Your CEO Exercise #2

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Your Growth Talents

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 5

    What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

    • Lesson 3: Your Essential Values

    • Your CEO Exercise #3

    • DOs & DON'Ts: Your Essential Values

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 6

    What's Your Unique Path in Life?

    • Lesson 4: Defining Your Life Purpose

    • Your CEO Exercise #4

    • DOs & DON'Ts: Defining Your Life Purpose

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 7

    How to Live With No Regrets

    • Lesson 5: Living Your Life Purpose

  • 8

    Crystallise Your Dream and Your Vision

    • Lesson 6: Clarity is Power

    • Your CEO Exercise #5

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Clarity is Power

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 9

    Build Powerful Beliefs

    • Lesson 7: Believing is Everything

    • Your CEO Exercise #6

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Believing is Everything

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 10

    Get Super Honest with Yourself

    • Lesson 8: Saying Bye Bye to Nonsense

    • Your CEO Exercise #7 & #8

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Saying Bye Bye to Nonsense

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 11

    Give up on Your Excuses and Self-Sabotage

    • Lesson 9: Eliminating Your Excuses

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Eliminating Your Excuses

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 12

    Make Your Dream a Real Deal

    • Lesson 10: Taking Growth Action

    • Your CEO Exercise #9

    • DOs and DON’Ts: Taking Growth Action

    • Student Example (only if needed)

  • 13

    The CEO Celebration!

    • Completion Video!

  • 14

    The CEO Roadmap Growth Resources

    • The CEO Roadmap_ Growth Resources

  • 15

    The CEO Productivity Bonus

    • 21 Productivity Secrets To Follow-Through On Your Dreams

Once you go through this course - you'll be able to apply these strategies to ANY dream or goal that you desire for YOUR WHOLE LIFE!


“If you are experiencing a mid-life crisis or even just mid-life questioning, you will find great exercises and directions on how to either create more fulfilling work in the job you are or strike out for the adventure of finding new experience that connects deeply with who you are.”

Edoardo D. Business Developer

“The CEO Roadmap is packed with inspiration, insights and strategies to help you realize your potential and how to utilize your skills and talents. It just works!”

Gillian V.S. Public Affairs & PR

“Finally! This online course helped me get clarity, build confidence, strengthened awareness of my skills, and taught me how to think bigger in order to have more of what I want! It's motivating and joyful to follow.”

Emmanuel C. Web


Work through the course at your own pace, revisit the content as many times as you choose.

Special Bonuses

Get these for free

  • Feedback Session with Lena


    Get feedback and guidance during 2h of highly personalised experience with Lena via Zoom call. Achieve more in a shorter time.

  • 21 CEO Productivity Secrets to Follow-Through on Your Dreams

    €197 value

    Toolkit with "21 CEO Productivity Secrets" to Get The Right Things Done Faster! This special bonus will make you UNSTOPPABLE!

Living your CEO life is the straightest path to freedom and the ultimate source of your personal power, confidence, and happiness

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  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts after your purchase! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    It takes about 8h to complete the course and all the exercises. Many of my students go through the course as best they can, usually dividing its content to two consecutive days; pausing and returning to it as their schedule allows.

  • Is it worth the investment?

    You can own this course for less than a fraction of an in-person coaching program with the benefit of being able to review the material as many times as you want, and without the expense of travel or time away from work and family.

  • How do you support students as they work through the course?

    You can ask your questions in a course comments area for feedback and discussion. In addition, you'll have an access to supporting files with best practices on how to approach each lesson and a case study of a real human being which may spark further clarity for you.

  • Can I get a refund if this isn't for me?

    No, thank you for asking. Due to its digital nature, The CEO Roadmap is non refundable. Please take a good look at the course curriculum and description before signing up and if you're remotely concerned about whether it's for you, please email me before you enroll at info@lenabera.com

  • Can I share my access to this class with a friend?

    No, thank you for asking. The CEO Roadmap is designed for just ONE user. You're welcome to work through the course as many times as you like, but your login may not be shared with another person.

  • I'm a coach/consultant/educator. Can I use any of the exercises in this course with my clients?

    No, thank you for asking. No part of this course may be reproduced or redistributed without prior written permission. The CEO Roadmap will give you clarity and confidence to follow-through on your own goals. If you have clients you think would benefit from this process, please invite them to enroll themselves.

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